Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bella Ink Designs: Not Just for the Girls

Top: EF-153TY and EF-163TY.  Bottom: EF-167TY and EF-156TY.  Each of these designs is available blank for personalization (a name or monogram) or pre-printed with Thank You.

Some say Bella Ink isn't manly enough, but we beg to differ.  Real men wear pink, and a touch of that hue here and there surely wouldn't make them do a double take.  Not convinced?  The Fall/Winter 2014 notes featured here are a good bet for a variety of men, be they sports fans, boating enthusiasts, or card sharks.  And, there's not a trace of pink or burst of blossom anywhere to be found.

Top: EF-168TY and EF-146TY.  Bottom: EF-162TY and EF-116TY.  Each of these designs, except for EF-116TY, is also available blank for personalization (a name or monogram) or pre-printed with Thank You.  Please visit the website for a more accurate representation of the colors on these notes. 

Being the color often associated with royalty, purple may be a more approachable hue than pink.  Above are a couple of options featuring varied shades of purple, green and blue, including new designs EF-168TY and EF-162TY.   Each design works for those just graduating to those keeping in touch with the grand-kids from afar.  Business professionals may choose to keep a stash in their desks when the occasion calls for a quick but personal follow-up.

If you think he may be OK with pink after all?  EF-118 is a card featuring stripes in a variety of colors, including fuchsia, that still feels unisex.  This design is available blank for personalization or pre-printed with Thank You.

Bella Ink Designs can print any invitation or note card before it ships.  For more information, please visit our custom printing page HERE.  Bella Ink products may be purchased online at or through retailers nationwide.  To find a nearby retailer, please visit our Find A Store page.

~Heather F.
Studio Director

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