Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bella Ink's New 2015 Watercolor Calendar

Bella Ink Designs' 2015 Watercolor Calendar includes 12 pages of inspirational quotes and hand-drawn and painted designs.  Each calendar, measuring 6.25'' x 8.5,'' features a built-in easel stand and an antique wire coil.

If you're a DIY kind of person, you can turn this desk calendar into a wall calendar by slipping a pretty ribbon through the binding, tying a bow and hanging it from a nail or tack.

Calendars may be ordered through the Bella Ink website:, or through a nearby retailer.  For a list of Bella Ink retailers, please visit our Find A Store Page.  Retailers, please order  your calendars through your local sales rep, or through Bella Ink directly.

Have a fabulous weekend!

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bella Ink Designs: Not Just for the Girls

Top: EF-153TY and EF-163TY.  Bottom: EF-167TY and EF-156TY.  Each of these designs is available blank for personalization (a name or monogram) or pre-printed with Thank You.

Some say Bella Ink isn't manly enough, but we beg to differ.  Real men wear pink, and a touch of that hue here and there surely wouldn't make them do a double take.  Not convinced?  The Fall/Winter 2014 notes featured here are a good bet for a variety of men, be they sports fans, boating enthusiasts, or card sharks.  And, there's not a trace of pink or burst of blossom anywhere to be found.

Top: EF-168TY and EF-146TY.  Bottom: EF-162TY and EF-116TY.  Each of these designs, except for EF-116TY, is also available blank for personalization (a name or monogram) or pre-printed with Thank You.  Please visit the website for a more accurate representation of the colors on these notes. 

Being the color often associated with royalty, purple may be a more approachable hue than pink.  Above are a couple of options featuring varied shades of purple, green and blue, including new designs EF-168TY and EF-162TY.   Each design works for those just graduating to those keeping in touch with the grand-kids from afar.  Business professionals may choose to keep a stash in their desks when the occasion calls for a quick but personal follow-up.

If you think he may be OK with pink after all?  EF-118 is a card featuring stripes in a variety of colors, including fuchsia, that still feels unisex.  This design is available blank for personalization or pre-printed with Thank You.

Bella Ink Designs can print any invitation or note card before it ships.  For more information, please visit our custom printing page HERE.  Bella Ink products may be purchased online at or through retailers nationwide.  To find a nearby retailer, please visit our Find A Store page.

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a Gift: Bella Ink Note Pads and Notes

NP: 76 and EF-165 (Available blank for personalization or pre-printed with Thank You)  Please visit the website for a more accurate representation of the colors on the note cards featured here.

Build your own gift set with coordinating Bella Ink note pads and notes.  Many note cards in the Bella Ink line are offered blank for personalization or pre-printed with Thank You.  Your options, when available, will be noted online on the individual product pages (or beneath each design in the catalogs). 

NP-75 and EF-167 (Available blank for personalization or pre-printed with Thank You)  Please visit the website for a more accurate representation of the colors on the note cards featured here.

Note pads and notes make fabulous gifts for graduates, teachers, birthday gals, caretakers and more!  Each note pad in the Bella Ink line is padded with 50 fully lined sheets, printed front and back, giving the recipient more room for note-taking and list-making.

To find a nearby Bella Ink retailer, please visit our Find A Store page, or visit to order online!

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Suite Saturday: Get These Invitations Before They're Gone!

PH-154, WCC-11 and EF-114

Looking to create a beautiful suite for a wedding, shower or birthday?  We've posted these designs before, but they're worth re-visiting because they're about to sell out.  If you've been eyeballing any of the four invitations featured here today, now's the time to pull the trigger.  You don't want "I should have bought that" remorse.

PH-156, WCC-11, and EF-151

Each of these invitations has been printed on a premium textured, cream card stock and comes with the option to be glittered by hand in the Bella Ink studio before it ships.  Invitations measure 5.5'' x 8.5,'' and may be printed in the studio before they ship.  Please check out our Custom Printing page for more information about typeset orders.

PH-108, WCC-11 and EF-115

The flat response cards and coordinating folded notes featured alongside these invitations are in stock and ready to ship at any time.  Response cards may also be used as table cards.  Bella Ink will print the response cards and blank folded notes before they ship, by request.  Blank notes look best printed with a monogram or a first or last name.  Other variations may be discussed with our graphic designer. 

WH-50, WCC-11 and EF-129TY (Also available blank for personalization)

View these and other designs at  For a nearby retailer, please visit our Find a Store page HERE.  

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bella Ink Loves: Summers on the Water

Top: PH-181 and PH-115.  Bottom: EF-163TY (Also available blank for personalization) and EF-171TY.

In Chicago, it's not summer if it doesn't include a day (or more) on the lake.  Bella Ink's President and Creative Director, Melissa, loves to unwind by sailing as often as possible.  Her love of the water has inspired many a design here at Bella Ink, and since we can't think of summer, or summer parties like The Fourth of July, without thinking about boating, here's a collection of our favorite nautical designs.

Top: CC-216, CC-157, and CC-200.  Bottom: CC-87, CC-221, and CC-133.

Maybe we'll see you out on the water, or dockside at a restaurant on the river.  Boat safely!
~Heather F.
Studio Director

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bella Ink Loves: Summer Cookouts and Cocktails

Top: PH-170 and PH-169.  Bottom: PH-112 and PH-113.

It's time to light the grill, sit on the patio with a cold beverage (we like Moscow Mules) and gather with friends and family simply because its summer.  Bella Ink has a fabulous selection of invitations for cookouts and cocktails, so go ahead and plan your evening "out."  You'll need those memories when the long winter comes calling.

Top: PH-142 and PH-76.  Bottom: PH-118 and PH-141.

Moscow Mule:

1/2 oz. Lime Juice
2 oz. Vodka (Try Titos)
4-6 oz. Ginger Beer

Serve over ice, ideally in a copper mug and garnish with a lime wedge.  To make this a Kentucky Mule, swap out the vodka for bourbon.

Bella Ink's summer party invitations may be purchased through card and gift shops nationwide, or through  For more summer soiree invites, click HERE.  To find a nearby retailer, please visit our Find a Store page HERE.

Many of Bella Ink's invitations may be hand-glittered before shipping, by request.  For more information about Bella Ink's stationery products, or for information on becoming a retailer, please email us at

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bella Ink Designs has Love for Fill-Ins with Trains and Bugs

Top: FI-25 Party Train and FI-23 Party Bugs.  Bottom: FIN-10 Party Train Thank You and FIN-9 Party Stripe Thank You

It's the little things that amuse the littlest people in our lives.  A freight train rolling along the tracks, a smaller version bringing food to the table at their favorite restaurant (like 2Toots Train Whistle Grill), or the one on TV urging them to call out, "Choo, choo!"  Some kids collect creepy crawlies, like caterpillars and potato bugs, storing them in bug condos and feeding them lawn clippings.  At Bella Ink, we've transformed their favorite things into affordable fill-in party invitations and coordinating, flat thank you notes.

Bella Ink's Fall/Winter 2014 party fill-ins, without embellishments, have been printed on a premium, textured card stock.  Being part DIY, fill-ins are a fabulous options for parents looking to keep their budget in check, and the easy prompts on each thank you will have even the youngest scribe knocking out a perfect letter of appreciation.  Each pack of fill-ins includes 8 cards and envelopes.

Be sure to check out the website for additional fill-ins, including those for princesses, pirates, ice cream aficionados and more!  (New designs should be posted by the end of May)

Bella Ink products may be purchased at, or through retailers nationwide.  To find a nearby retail, please visit our Find a Store page HERE.

~Heather F.
Studio Director