Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bella Ink Designs' 2014 Louie Award Nominees

We couldn't be happier!  Two Bella Ink Designs greetings have been nominated for 2014 Louie Awards.  Winners will be announced Sunday, May 18 at a gala hosted during the 2014 National Stationery Show in NYC.  All nominees will be on display in the Javits Center during the National Stationery Show.

When miles get in the way, CC-181 (left) reaches out and lets family and friends know they're close at heart.

Let someone know they're appreciated with CC-194 (right), a "Thank You" without being a standard "Thank You." 

Each of these designs are packaged singly and sold glittered, only.  They have been printed on a premium textured, cream card stock.  These, and other Bella Ink products, may be purchased through card and gift shops nationwide, as well as through www.bellaink.com.  For a list of nearby retailers, please visit our Find a Store page.

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suite Saturday: Get Set for Your Event

PH-132 Invitation and W-35TY Folded Note

It's a teenage dream to have a fabulous birthday bash that everyone talks about for weeks before and after the event.  Get guests excited for the fun to come with any of Bella Ink's party invitations geared towards the tween to teen set.

PH-168 Invitation and EF-110 Folded Note

Coordinating notes are easy to find at www.bellaink.com.  From sweet to bold and everything in between, there's a note to help teach gratitude after the cake has been cut and the memories become a series albums on Facebook.

PH-146 Invitation and EF-139 Folded Note

Please visit Bella Ink's Kiddie Party and Sweet Sixteen categories at www.bellaink.com for additional invitation options.

If you would like to have Bella Ink print your invitations before they ship, simply add "Custom Printing" to you cart before checking out.  We'll contact you for the wording!

 ~Heather F
Studio Director

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Suite Saturday: Get Set for Your Event

Invitation: WH-74, Note: CC-207 and Response/Table Card: WCC-11

Woodland weddings inspired this series of Spring/Summer 2014 invitations from Bella Ink Designs.  Each invitation is shown with corresponding notes and response/table cards that will set the tone for any rustic event, whether it's in a barn, by a lake or at the city's hip new eatery.

Invitation: PH-163, Top Note: W-32, Middle Note: EF-76 and Bottom Note: EF-92

Bella Ink is embracing the rainbow hued bridal party trend by incorporating a variety of vibrant colors on each Spring/Summer 2014 invitation.  Pinks mix with hot oranges, and sunshiny yellows mesh with aquas and orchids.  Be sure to visit the Bella Ink website and check out WH-75, too.  This bridal shower invitation is a simple blue and white design featuring a bride and her bouquet, which is bursting with color.

Invitation: WH-72, Top Note: EF-80, Response/Table Card: WCC-11 and Bottom Note: EF-91

In addition to wildflowers, take a cue from these invitations and incorporate feathers into bouquets, boutonnieres, and other floral arrangements for the big day.  And remember, wedding invitations should match the bride and groom's vision and personality, even if that means building a suite of stationery that's  a little less traditional.  It will make complete sense to those who know them well.

~Heather F.
Studio Director

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Suite Saturday: Get Set For Your Event

Invitation: BH-42, Response/Table Card: WCC-11, Note: EF-107 (Also available blank for personalization)

Baby showers.  Aren't they fun?!  There's always an abundance of tiny clothes we wish came in adult sizes, family and friends we haven't seen in ages, and cake!

Many of the suites we've been posting will suit just about any event you're hosting, but today's picks celebrate glowing moms-to-be, only.  Whether it's a boy, a girl, twins or a secret, Bella Ink has the pieces you need to create a suite just as unique and fabulous as the guest of honor.

Invitation: BH-33, Response/Table Card: WCC-11 (solid cream also available), and EF-141 (Also available blank for personalization)  *Please note that this and BH-33's chevron stripes are green, not taupe as they appear on screen

Bella Ink's favorite gal is always dressed for the occasion when she makes an appearance on baby shower invitations.  Your friend isn't forgoing fashion for nine months, and neither is our gal.  Easy, breezy dresses and sun hats are a staple in her closet.

Invitation: BH-37, Response/Table Card: WCC-11 and Note: B-49

We know fans of Bella Ink love a baby bottom, and we always try to keep at least one in our line-up.  Currently we have the above in blue OR pink, and the double baby bottom invitation picture at the top of this post.  In the world of Bella Ink, purple and green are neutral, so if your friend is keeping a secret, and having twins, this card has your event written all over it.  (After we print it on there for you, of course.)

Bella Ink will print your important who, what, where and when details on invitations before shipping.  Simply add custom printing to your card.  Please visit our custom printing page for more information.

~Heather F.
Studio/Mktg. Director

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from Bella Ink Designs

EF-72 available blank & ready for personalization with a name, monogram or simple "Thank You."  Contact Bella Ink to order.  Quantities are limited.  (P: 630-576-2008 ext. 1#, F: 630-576-2076 or E: info@bellaink.com.)  When ordering, please include the wording you would like printed on the design.  You may find our custom printing pricing, etc. HERE.

Bella Ink Designs would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Thank you for your business.  We look forward to helping you fill in beneath the tree and stuff stockings this holiday season!  Visit www.bellaink.com and check out our boxed notes, calendars, gift sets and more!

Bella Ink will be unable to take/fulfill orders in the studio Thursday and Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will be more than happy to assist you on Monday, December 2nd.  Retailers needing to place an order over the holiday weekend should email (info@bellaink.com) or fax (630-576-2076) Bella Ink.  You may also contact your local sales rep.

Everyone is welcome to place an order through the Bella Ink website (www.bellaink.com).  Orders placed over the Thanksgiving weekend will be processed on Monday, December 2nd.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

~Heather F.
Studio/Mktg. Director

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Suite Saturday: Get Set for Your Event

Invitation: CH-39, Response/Table Card: WCC-11, Greeting: CC-164

Whether you're hosting a small sit-down dinner or a holiday open house, having a winter wonderland wedding or simply sending out well wishes for the new year, Bella Ink has invitations and note cards for you!  Everything pictured in our "suites" is sold separately, so you can mix-n-match according to your specific needs and style preferences.

Invitation: CH-32, Response/Table Card: WCC-11, Greeting: CC-166

"Joy" has been pre-printed on the above invitation, drawing focus to your event's important who, what, where and when details.

Invitation: CH-41, Response/Table Card: WCC-11, Greeting: CC-167

Sparkly wire trees for the tabletop were Bella Ink's inspiration for this invitation and note card, which has been a runway best-seller.

Bella Ink products may be purchased through card and gift boutiques nationwide, or through bellaink.com.  Have your invitations printed at through the Bella Ink website between now and December 11th, 2013, and we'll print a return address on the accompanying envelopes, FREE!  (Offer good through December 11th, 2013, and through the Bella Ink website, only)

~Heather F.
Studio/Mktg. Director

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Photo Cards Just Posted on the Bella Ink Website!

Top Row: BHP-540 and BHP-549; Bottom Row: BHP-544 and BHP-546

Bella Ink has new photo cards designs posted on the website.  If you haven't ordered yours, there's still time.  Bella Ink will print and ship up until December 11th, 2013!  Click HERE to view them all.  Our gift to you: Your return address printed on the accompanying envelopes, FREE!  (Offer good through December 11th, 2013, only)

Top Row: BHP-541 and BHP-553; Bottom Row: BHP-555 and BHP-542

Once you place your photo card order, we'll send you information on where to email images and wording.  Please send original photos as JPEG or TIFF files that are at least 300dpi or better.  Do not send cropped images.  If you are sending an image from your smart phone, please select the largest format available.

~Heather F.
Studio/Mktg Director